TenFourFox FPR2b1 available (plus: come to VCF!)

(TenFourFox Development - 27.07.2017, 07:00) TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 2 beta 1 is now available (downloads, hashes, release notes). Besides various and sundry additional optimizations once again shamelessly backported from the Quantum project, this release includes the accelerated AltiVec string matching routine which I will be also hooking up to other parts of the browser in future releases, and reworks the font blacklist so that Apple sites work again (and more efficiently). Release is planned for August 8. With this beta you will notice I've made a new build available - a true "Debug" build. Since currently we really only have comprehensive test coverage for JavaScript, this gives people a chance to help debug other browser issues without having to build the entire application themselves. I intend to only issue these for beta releases since the idea is to have as few changes as possible between the beta and the release version. Please take heed of this warning: the Debug version is not for mere mortals. Because it has a full symbol table, it

Do you work for Facebook? Do you like old Power Macs? Help a brother out.

(TenFourFox Development - 24.07.2017, 07:04) Are you a front-end engineer for Facebook? Are you sympathetic to us struggling masses trying to keep our Power Macs out of the landfill? Do you, too, secretly agree that the iMac G4 looks far better than any of the crap Tim Cook and friends churn out now? If so, give your TenFourFox users a little hand. Yes, I will preface this by saying I do not use, nor (candidly) particularly like, Facebook, but lots of TenFourFox users do and I've reached the limit of my debugging ability against the minified front end of Facebook. We have an issue with our custom keyboard handling code with users pressing Delete repeatedly: it not only doesn't delete anything but the first character, but actually inserts repeated 0x08 bytes (i.e., the ASCII value for Delete). Everything else seems to work. Obviously this is our bug, because regular Firefox (including Firefox ESR 45, on which we are ultimately based) doesn't do this, but I can't determine what DOM fields our keydown events aren't correctly providing to Facebook's keydown

Talos take II

(TenFourFox Development - 19.07.2017, 07:39) First, ob-TenFourFox stuff. As the wonderful Dutch progressive rock band Focus plays "Sylvia" in the CD player, I'm typing this in a partially patched up build of FPR2, which has a number of further optimizations including an AltiVec-accelerated memchr() implementation (this improves JavaScript regex matching by about 15 percent, but also beefs up some other parts of the browser which call the same library function) and some additional performance backports ripped off from Mozilla's Quantum project. This version also has a re-tuned G5 build with some tweaked compiler settings to better match the 970 cache line size, picking up some small but measurable improvements on Acid3 and other tests. Even the G3 gets some love: while it obviously can't use the AltiVec memchr(), it now uses a better unrolled character matcher instead and picks up a few percentage points that way. I hope to finish the security patch work by this weekend, though I am still annoyed to note I cannot figure out what's up with issue 72. Many

Box is friendlier than Dropbox for older Macs

(System Folder - 18.07.2017, 02:35) Ever since Dropbox dropped support for PowerPC Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, I’ve been trying to find a viable alternative to sync selected files and folders between my main Intel Mac, my iOS devices, and my various PowerPC machines. It was so great when Dropbox worked because I generally use my main […]

IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power 10.0-5 released!

(powerlinux - blog - 13.07.2017, 16:19) A new update release for the 10.0 series of the IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power is now available. This release contains a series of updates, including: GCC provides: Fixes for ICE with vec_xxpermdi and unrecognizable insn with __builtin_crypto_vsha...

OverbiteFF will cease functioning with Firefox 56 (we need WebExtension sockets)

(TenFourFox Development - 01.07.2017, 09:07) For those unfamiliar, TenFourFox and Classilla aren't my only Mozilla-related projects; the other one I've maintained for some time is OverbiteFF, which adds Gopher support back to Firefox as a first-class citizen. It does so by implementing nsIChannel and nsIProtocolHandler objects which speak Gopher and allows everything to "just work" like any other URL. Because of how the protocol works, the add-on also enables whois and finger protocol support with a little bit of URL gyration, and to this day there is a small but dedicated userbase. As of Firefox 56, it is my understanding that non-multiprocess-compatible extensions will no longer be supported, which is currently in nightly. Even if I were able to make OverbiteFF MP compatible, however (there were some technical hurdles to be overcome when I tried), it is highly dependent on XPCOM and Firefox 57 will be the end of that. As a result, OverbiteFF in its current form will cease functioning with Firefox 56. It will, of course, continue to work with TenFourFo

TenFourFox FPR1 available

(TenFourFox Development - 19.06.2017, 07:26) TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 1 is available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). There are no major changes from the beta except for a couple minor efficiency updates and a font blacklist update, and all remaining applicable security issues have been backported as well. Chris T reported that old issue 72 (a/k/a bug 641597) has resurfaced in FPR1. Most likely this bug was never actually fixed, just wallpapered over by something or other, and the efficiency improvements in FPR1 have made it easier to trigger again. That said, it has only ever manifested on certain 10.5 systems; it has never been reproduced on 10.4 by anyone, and I can't reproduce it myself on my own 10.5 DLSD PowerBook G4. For that reason I'm proceeding with the release as intended but if your system is affected, please post your steps to replicate and we'll compare them with Chris' (especially if you have a 10.4 system, since that will be much easier for me to personally debug). Please also note any haxies or system extensions

Using TurboGopher to Access HappyMacs Archive

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 08.06.2017, 19:02) I mentioned in my last post that perhaps the most “classic” way to access the HappyMacs software archive was to do so from a classic Mac, via the TurboGopher application. I have TurboGopher, which is a FAT binary, running on both my 68K Macs and my PPC Macs, and so it should work for any […]

HappyMacs Software Archive is Open!

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 07.06.2017, 23:05) Over a year ago, I posted about my plans to make my collection of vintage Mac software available online via a Gopher site. I am pleased to announce that this has finally happened. The HappyMacs Software Archive is now open and ready for your use. As planned, and in keeping with the “vintage” nature of […]

nvidia-docker on POWER Update

(powerlinux - blog - 31.05.2017, 18:26) Some changes and issues have arisen since our first post about running GPUs in containers on POWER . The most exciting news is that the CUDA images have been pushed to Docker Hub, so you no longer have to...

Alpine Linux Officially on POWER and z

(powerlinux - blog - 31.05.2017, 18:02) We are pleased to share that Alpine is officially available for POWER and z. Many people were instrumental in making this possible: @leitao​, @4M9K_Roberto_Guimaraes​, and Tuan Hoang, to name a few -- not to mention the amazing folks at Alpine....

Feature Parity Release Finally Preview Ready For Persistent Readers

(TenFourFox Development - 31.05.2017, 07:50) This blog has been pretty quiet because I've been pretty busy, but now you get to play with the first TenFourFox Feature Parity Release beta (downloads, release notes, hashes). Internally, TenFourFox FPR1 is versioned as 45.10.0 to maintain add-on compatibility (but read on for an important caveat), and all FPRs will be based on our fork of Firefox ESR 45, though the About box and the user agent show the current parity release level. This release primarily concentrated on performance and I liberally stole backported changes from Mozilla's Quantum Flow Engineering project as many of its changes touch relatively old code, so it's still applicable to us, and if the issues they're fixing are minor but noticeable on modern systems they would certainly be more noteworthy on our older machines. Most of the speed changes occur in the user interface, layout and DOM; there are some minor improvements to JavaScript as well, but that wasn't the major focus for this iteration (another big JavaScript JIT performance initia

IPv4 is Apparently Ludditeville - And Also Faster

(PPC Luddite - 27.05.2017, 11:14) I got an email from Adam Albrec, creator extraordinaire of PPC Media Center, with a fix to a performance lag he noticed when moving to a new house. PPCMC wasn't nearly as fast in the new digs and after conversing with the youtube-dl developers, they suggested he disable IPv6 in the app. He reports it helped "IMMENSELY." He promised a new version of PPCMC which will do this automatically, but you can disable IPv6 system-wide right now in Tiger by going into Network Preferences, and under the TCP/IP tab, click the "Configure IPv6..." button and switch from "Automatically" to "Off".In Leopard it appears you have to click on the Advanced button first to get to the TCP/IP tab, as illustrated on this University of North Carolina help page.I also noticed on G5 Center's Internet page this tidbit:Pro-Tip: Tobias, key developer of Leopard-Webkit, recommends disabling IPv6 in the Network system preferences for your internet connection/port on your Mac if you experience hangs when loading webpages. I can confirm that

Failing Floppies – An Update

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 26.05.2017, 22:31) Something of a breakthrough occurred yesterday in my quest to understand what was causing pretty much all of my vintage Macs to behave erratically with respect to mounting, reading and writing floppies. In my last post on this topic, I had more or less concluded that the age of the media itself was the likely […]

Added to the collection: Mac mini G4

(System Folder - 24.05.2017, 18:33) Christian is a reader of this blog who first contacted me when I complained that the internal hard drive of my Power Mac G4 was failing, and very generously sent me two 80 GB hard drives so that I could upgrade my system. (Unfortunately now the Power Mac G4 is not working at all, very […]

IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power 10.0-4 released!

(powerlinux - blog - 23.05.2017, 14:58) A new update release for the 10.0 series of the IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power is now available. This release contains a series of updates, including: GCC provides: Fix for incorrect code generation for __divkf3 . Fix for builtin expansion of...

The Mystery of the Failing Floppies

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 17.05.2017, 20:14) Some months ago, I acquired a Power Macintosh G3 All-In-One, the so-called Molar Mac, and posted about it here at the Happy Macs blog. As I indicated then that I would, I have spent some time upgrading it, principally adding a much larger hard drive and installing an Iomega ZIP-100 drive into the option slot […]

Speedtest Your Internet Connection

(G5 Center - 15.05.2017, 17:02) On the positive side of things, despite the ongoing reopening of the Net Neutrality battle, my internet just got upgraded to near gigabit speeds. Of course, it's probably temporary, since I'm not sure why I need that much raw throughput and most of my devices use wifi anyway. Still, it has led to me do some testing to see what speeds I am getting. For example, on my 5ghz connection on my iPhone 7, Speedtest shows 76.35 Mbps down and 111.09 Mbps up. Not bad. This probably echoes what my AppleTV, iPad, and other devices get. For my Dell connected via gigabit ethernet to the router, I cleared 600 Mbps up and 900 Mbps down. Very, very nice. For my Mac Mini G4, also connected directly to the router but via a 10/100 Ethernet port, I only managed a measly (relatively) 80 Mbps up and 90 Mbps down. Is this also bottle-necked some by the CPU or older hardware in general? Perhaps. For my Power Mac G5 which is connected via ethernet through an inexpensive TP-Link 500Mbps powerline adapter, I unfortunately had the wor

The Duo 280c is alive after all

(System Folder - 14.05.2017, 14:43) I’ve always loved the idea behind the PowerBook Duo system, so much I think it could still be handy today without feeling obsolete. (Today we have notebook computers that can transform into tablets, no? So the concept still stands). I was really happy back in 2000 when I acquired a full Duo system consisting of […]

Starcraft Is Still Awesome

(G5 Center - 27.04.2017, 04:23) In anticipation of an updated or remastered Starcraft, Blizzard made the big news of releasing the classic version for free. Here's the bad news: It works on newer Macs but not on older machines like my G5. I still have both an original Starcraft disc, Brood Wars expansion disc, and original key, so using the carbon installer, I was able to get Starcraft back on my Mac and in action. And you know what? The game still rocks. Some games do not age well, but Starcraft still feels spry, fun, and gripping. The story line is fine, but it's the way the missions are put together and the difficulty grows bit by bit. Multiplayer is a blast, although I doubt I'll try to find a game. The graphics actually still look good and have a ton of charm, even while the cut scenes look pretty awful by today's standards. I've been asked to toss up more games on the site, so look for me to do that in the coming weeks, including Diablo II which is another classic that still works great on our Macs. -- Nathan


(G5 Center - 24.04.2017, 23:29) One of the great Youtube links for Power Mac machines lately comes via ItsMyNaturalColor, a guy with a ton of enthusiasm and love for old Macs. He has a series about putting together the fastest Blue & White G3 tower ever, including an upgraded CPU, SSD drives, RAID drives, ATI 9200 Radeon Card, and Bluetooth. It's a monster machine, and even if you think it is a waste of time, his enthusiasm will get you in the end. While that is Video 5 of the series, start from the beginning if you want. It's a fun waste of an afternoon. As a followup, I enjoyed this video as he unboxes a G5 quad and then absolutely gets devastated when he sees what a mess it is in. Enjoy! -- Nathan

IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power 8.0-8 released!

(powerlinux - blog - 24.04.2017, 20:36) A new update release for the 8.0 series of the IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power is now available. This release include a series of fixes, including: GCC provides a fix for vec_cts/vec_ctf intrinsics produce wrong results for 64-bit floating...

The аррӏе bites back

(TenFourFox Development - 21.04.2017, 04:00) I've received a number of inquiries about whether TenFourFox will follow the same (essentially wontfix) approach of Firefox for dealing with those international domain names that happen to be whole-script homographs. The matter was forced recently by one enterprising sort who created just this sort of double using Cyrillic characters for https://www.аррӏе.com/, which depending on your font and your system setup, may look identical to https://www.apple.com/ (the site is a proof of concept only). The circulating advice is to force all IDNs to be displayed in punycode by setting network.IDN_show_punycode to true. This is probably acceptable for most of our users (the vast majority of TenFourFox users operate with a Latin character set), but I agree with Gerv's concern in that Bugzilla entry that doing so disadvantages all other writing systems that are not Latin, so I don't feel this should be the default. That said, I also find the current situation unacceptable and doing nothing, or worse relying on DNS r

45.9.0 available

(TenFourFox Development - 17.04.2017, 14:30) TenFourFox 45.9.0 is now available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes), a bit behind due to Mozilla delaying this release until the Wednesday and my temporary inability to get connected at our extended stay apartment. The only changes in this release from the beta are some additional tweaks to JavaScript and additional expansion of the font block list. Please test; this build will go live Tuesday "sometime." The next step is then to overlay the NSPR from 52 onto 45.9, overlay our final stack of changesets, and upload that as the start of FPR1 and our Github repository. We can then finally retire the changesets and let them ride off into the sunset. Watch for that in a couple weeks along with new build instructions.

PowerAI 3.4 simplifies AI deployment and expands developer resources

(powerlinux - blog - 04.04.2017, 19:24) We are excited to announce availability of PowerAI 3.4. The focus in this release was to provide upgraded applications to stay current with the evolving Deep Learning frameworks; and to increase ease of use, simplify installation and help...

Here's a fun link.

(G5 Center - 22.03.2017, 04:41) Here's a quick brief update. I stumbled across a mirror of some G5 resources from an old version of Apple's Developer Connection. Great links here with developer information about Power Mac G5s and optimization resources. If you find something cool, share it in the comments. Now, go read. http://mirror.informatimago.com/next/developer.apple.com/hardware/g5/index.html -- Nathan

DeepLearning4J: Deep Learning with Java, Spark and Power

(powerlinux - blog - 20.03.2017, 00:20) I am excited to share with you that DeepLearning4J (DL4J) , a Java-based open-source, distributed deep-learning toolkit for building, training and deploying Neural Networks is now available on Power. Following our foundational belief in...

IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power 10.0-3 released!

(powerlinux - blog - 17.03.2017, 15:59) A new update release for the 10.0 series of the IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power is now available. This release contains a series of features and fixes, including: GCC provides: Use of VSR when operating on float and integer . Fix for...

App Stores Come to the G5

(G5 Center - 12.02.2017, 02:21) The world has felt a little more apocalyptic as of late, so maybe it makes sense that all of a sudden we have a couple of "App Stores" for our PowerPC Macs running Leopard or Tiger. Is this something we need? Maybe. Maybe not. You get to decide. PPCAppStore - https://ppcappstore.wordpress.com/ The coder of this simple but effective app posted here on the site, so I am happy to share a link. The app is apparently built in RealBasic (like my own SimpleMarkPPC) and handily categorizes and links to a variety of useful software. The app is not going to be the most stylish one in the world, but it is effective and well-organized. I did notice a link or two pointing to Macintosh Garden, which might be something to frown up if you are a deeply ethical-minded person. Granted, this is the state of software for us PowerPC folks, so I'm not too concerned. But something to note. Keep an eye on his website for updates or to post suggestions. PPCStore - http://www.leopardrebirth.net/ Folded in as a part of LeopardRe

All things must come to an end

(viva PowerPC blog - 30.01.2017, 13:38) And so does my more-than-year-long PowerPC hiatus. Last week I sold the HP 7300 desktop (Core-i5 based), I bought back in September 2015 to be my main desktop in the new flat (to which we moved after the birth of our son) and put the PowerMac G5 where it's supposed to be - on my desk. Last thing I did on my G5 (February 2016), was replacing faulty Radeon 9800 Pro, which died after six years of duty, being reflashed from PC version and overclocked in January 2010. My current graphics is a Radeon 9650, which is probably not as fast in 3D as the previous one, but has passive cooling only and is in fact a Mac edition, so there is no need for additional powering as before. The G5 still works like a charm, now I have a lot work to do. I haven't processed my digital photos since December 2015, as I never found it to be exactly a pleasure on the PC. That will take me more than a couple of days. Aside from this, there is some stuff that needs to be done: I want to upgrade RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB. Not that 4 GB is not

Pimp My Quicksilver: Graphics Card Teaser

(Power of PowerPC - 28.01.2017, 02:17) Look at those 2 large gorgeous 1920x1080 27" HP Monitors hooked up to my nVidia GeForce 7800GS card on my G4 Quicksilver still running Debian Jessie. Posts on graphics card upgrade and migration to SSDs coming soon...

Happy New Year!

(G5 Center - 23.01.2017, 04:27) Another year, another year of service out of my G5. 2017 for me promises to be a weird year - of resistance, change, renewal, and growth. I plan to get back to school with some graduate studies. I plan to write and read more. I plant to program a tad more. I plan to try some new things. On the G5 front, I really appreciate all the emails that come my way, and I hope my meandering responses are helpful. I'll be combing through those emails and offering up a new Troubleshooting page to the site, with tips and suggestions when your G5 goes horribly wrong. Let's face it - these old Macs won't last forever. Second, I am hoping to dive back into some programming in XCode and work on a thing or two. New software for our PPC G5s is essentially non-existent or rare. We have TenFourFox, maybe Leopard-Webkit, SimpleMarkPPC (shameless plug), and some themes (like LeopardRebirth). Can we encourage new versions of software or new software products for our aging hardware? I think it's a worthy goal. Stay tuned. I'd love

Macintosh Repository – A Great “New” Mac OS Archive

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 11.01.2017, 18:44) I love serendipity. Today I was searching for a copy of Power Windows, a great Mac OS system control panel that provides a number of goodies such as full window dragging, translucent menus and more. Much to my surprise, the first entry that showed up in my Google search results was a file in a […]

2016 in review

(System Folder - 09.01.2017, 20:11) Overall I’m glad to be leaving 2016 behind, as it wasn’t a particularly great year. However, as far as vintage computing goes, I can’t complain at all. I was able to bring both of my old iPods back to life by updating their storage with Compact Flash cards (8 GB for the iPod mini, 16 GB for […]

BitTorrent for Mac OS 9 (!?!)

(PPC Luddite - 28.12.2016, 22:24) The Macintosh Garden forums had a bit of a Christmas surprise this year with news of a new BitTorrent client called MacTorrent. Not just any BitTorrent client, but one that runs on Mac OS 8-9.2.2 (a separate OS X version runs on 10.3-10.6.8). Somebody should tell these developers that the Classic Mac OS (the real Mac OS) already had its funeral and there's no reason to write useful and awesome applications for it. After all, the only reason Mac OS 9 isn't quite useful and awesome enough to run as an everyday system these days is a lack of useful and awesome modern applications. Or something like that.In my limited testing so far, MacTorrent seems to work. It's bare at this early stage, but the developers are working on adding features such as magnet links in the future. Be part of the testing and give it a download. Download the .sit file labeled "Classic" for the Mac OS 8-9 version, and the .zip file labeled "PPC-OSX" for the OS X version.If someone wrote an h.264 decoder for Youtube streaming on OS 9

When You Feel Bored, Read Apple Documentation About Your G5

(G5 Center - 20.12.2016, 04:38) Like many of you, when I get a new computer, I typically toss the documentation back into the box, no matter how compelling it looks. I've met people who read it front to back, and sometimes, there is helpful information therein. But I'm reckless and prefer to dive right in, figuring things out on my own. On cold nights though, it can be fun to dive back in to the technical information available to you with a cursory search in Apple's support section of their website. To get started, go here: https://support.apple.com/manuals/powermac I decided to dig back in case I had missed something before per the oddities that happen between our G5s and certain Solid State Drives (SSD). Was there a particular feature to the Serial-ATA implementation that could be a clue? Was there something special about either drive bay? Here are the three documents I picked through: Power Mac G5 (Late 2005) - Tech Brief Power Mac G5 User Guide GeForce 7800GT Graphics I'm not saying this stuff is riveting reading, but it mig

Where to Find PowerPC Community

(G5 Center - 16.12.2016, 04:10) A loyal reader asked me a good question - where do you go to find a discussion forum for other PowerPC users? The actual question included a subtle suggestion that I open up some kind of forum or give a way for more ongoing discussion here on the site. I love that idea, but my history with web forums, especially on small sites like mine, is that they get stale and stagnant. No need to create competition among our limited community, and I really don't like the security issues that come with hosting forums. Spam is a major issue. First, you are always welcome to hijack any post thread I have with a specific question or something to share, even if it is off-topic. Go for it. I appreciate that a number of people email me, and I do apologize if I don't get back right away or miss your email. Feel free to send again. I won't take offense. I have a full-time (plus) calling, and my schedule tends to be unpredictable. Second, here are some suggestions if you want to discuss your machines, trade war stories, offer l

The Power Mac G3 All-In-One (Molar Mac)

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 06.12.2016, 08:27) One of the rarer Macintosh models these days is the Power Macintosh G3 All-In-One (AIO). Challenged in the beauty department, the G3 AIO is an odd looking duck, whose overall shape, when viewed head on, is not dissimilar to a human tooth, leading to its “popular” moniker of “the Molar Mac”. These machines ARE fairly […]

Current state of Linux on PowerPC

(PowerPC Liberation - 20.11.2016, 09:14) I am sure most you have heard that Debian has dropped PowerPC as a release architecture.  If anyone is interested in the reading the meeting notes where it was discussed it can be found here. Basically it came down to lack of support. According to the Debian team there were no porters for PowerPC to maintain it as a release architecture. There is also the issue of outstanding bugs. An example

The second-best browser for PPC Macs

(System Folder - 16.11.2016, 18:22) Every time someone with a vintage G3/G4/G5 PowerPC Mac asks me what browser would be my preferred choice for such systems, I always suggests TenFourFox, because it’s stable, secure, and actively maintained. However, you may have a Mac that barely meets — or doesn’t meet at all — TenFourFox’s minimum system requirements: TenFourFox requires a […]


(PowerPC Liberation - 18.10.2016, 04:24) Just a quick note to let you all know we're still alive.  Content will come as time allows. Though we are a team of writers, each of us is also our own satellite - since we each have our own orbits in life.  The point is that we write when time allows, which means that when we do post something, you know we mean it.

It's Christmas in October: New PPC Media Center, Plus Pianobar, TSclientX, and SetEXIFDATA

(PPC Luddite - 08.10.2016, 11:06) As macOS Sierra is busy underwhelming the computer world, you'll be happy to hear there's still software being spun for good operating systems like Tiger and Leopard. I've gotten a few emails pointing to a few new titles, so I wanted to pass the word on.First, there's an update to PPC Media Center, our favorite GUI frontend for youtube-dl. This brings it to version 6.5 (and requires 6.0 already installed) and includes many Theatre Mode improvements. Here's the download.Next, Daniel Milisic tells me he has new versions of Pianobar and TSclientX for Tiger and Leopard PowerPC.His port of Pianobar is actually called PianoPPC and brings back the Pandora terminal client to Tiger and Leopard desktops. I've tested it myself and it works fabulously. Here are a few brief instructions:After unpacking the download, the application must be run only from the /Applications folder or it will not launch. Also, for automatic login with your Pandora email and password, create the text file ~/.config/pianobar/config and sa

An Inside Look at Apple's Skunkworks

(PPC Luddite - 23.09.2016, 22:00) I feel a little paranoid even posting this, especially after Tim Cook loaded all those Samsung phones with explosive devices like a ninja. A few weeks ago I came into contact (won't say the method or the medium) with an insider at Apple (won't say who) of some distinction (won't say their rank) who first dangled and then delivered pictures of the new 2016 Mac Mini. Ordinarily I'd be like, "Cool," but nothing to risk my neck over. The Mac Mini isn't the most exciting product ever, but this Mac Mini, my source said, is different. It's a revolutionary new Mac Mini, and one that would hint at changes to the entire Mac lineup. This is a paradigm shifter. It shows Apple's changing priorities and where Jony Ive & Co. intend to take the whole Mac product line in years to come. The old Mac Mini is no more. It's time for a new form factor, new internals, and even an assault on the very concept of internals.Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the 2016 Mac Mini:As you can see, it's minnier than ever. "H

Yellowing, Retr0bright and Sally Beauty Supply

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 07.09.2016, 15:27) Those of us who enjoy tinkering in the world of vintage Macs often have to deal with an unfortunate consequence of the passage of time that leads a Mac to be called “vintage” – the yellowing (and even browning) of part or all of the Mac’s case, monitor or keyboard/mouse. At times, this can be […]

G5Center Interviews Cameron Kaiser

(PPC Luddite - 20.08.2016, 04:06) Look who bumped into each other at Vintage Computer Festival West.Also, I've been using the new TenFourFox 45 beta. It's a smooth ride, like driving a vintage '38.

A Kickstarter for Your Attention

(PPC Luddite - 20.08.2016, 04:06) Friend of this blog and PPC Media Center creator Adam Albrec has a new Kickstarter out. Some of you may be aware he's a photographer in one of his various lives, and his Kickstarter is for five volumes (available individually or as a set) of his fine art nude photography in print. Here's the link:The V.E.P. Fine Art Nude Photo Collection by Adam AlbrecAs noted in the description, these will be hard-bound, high quality printed books available in full size or an economy-size option. In addition to the photos, there will also be written descriptions about Adam's camera systems and composition techniques, etc.So click on the link above and read! The Kickstarter lasts till Sept. 17. Fund it early and often!

Rarely Seen in the Wild, ColorSync 850AV Rides Again

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 12.08.2016, 18:59) I mentioned in an earlier post that I had acquired a very rare Apple AppleVision 850AV 21” monitor. Debuting in 1997, the 850AV was a high end, nearly 80 lb. bruiser of a display with a hefty $2,000 price point. The 850AV could be run at resolutions all the way up to 1600×1200 with a […]

Getting Linux on an iLamp iMac with Nvidia Graphics

(PPC Luddite - 21.07.2016, 11:06) ILamp iMacs (G4s) are maybe the most notoriously difficult Macs to get a Linux desktop on, mostly because of the GeForce graphics they were afflicted with came with. Since I don't have one and haven't tried to put Linux on it myself, I haven't posted anything about it, but PPC Luddite reader Gary R. via email shared a very concise set of instructions on how to get Ubuntu running on his, so I thought I'd post it here.Here I quote Gary very liberally:This is how I got Ubuntu to work:Download Ubuntu 16.04 minimal install iso for ppc.Install system utilities and Ubuntu MateWhen finished, rebootAt yaboot type: Linux nomodeset singleWhen you reach root, type: visudoBelow: root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL type: username ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL (as per your instructions)Hit Control o, hit return, then exitnano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer.confcomment (#) nvidiafb, uncomment vesafbwrite, save, exitnano /etc/modules, add nvidiafbwrite, save, exitnano /etc/initramfs-tools/modules, add nvidiafbwrite, save, exitupdate-initr