45.8.0b1 available with user agent switching (plus: Chrome on PowerPC?!)

(TenFourFox Development - 22.02.2017, 05:19) 45.8.0b1 is available (downloads, hashes). This was supposed to be in your hands last week, but I had a prolonged brownout (68VAC on the mains! thanks, So Cal Edison!) which finally pushed the G4 file server over the edge and ruined various other devices followed by two extended blackouts, so the G5 was just left completely off all week and I did work on my iBook G4 and i7 MBA until I was convinced I wasn't going to regret powering the Quad back on again. The other reason for the delay is because there's actually a lot of internal changes in this release: besides including the work so far on Operation Short Change (there is still a fair bit more to do, but this current snapshot improves benchmarks anywhere from four to eight percent depending on workload), this also has numerous minor bug fixes imported from later versions of Firefox and continues removing telemetry from UI-facing code to improve browser responsiveness. I also smoked out and fixed many variances from the JavaScript conformance test suite, mos

App Stores Come to the G5

(G5 Center - 12.02.2017, 02:21) The world has felt a little more apocalyptic as of late, so maybe it makes sense that all of a sudden we have a couple of "App Stores" for our PowerPC Macs running Leopard or Tiger. Is this something we need? Maybe. Maybe not. You get to decide. PPCAppStore - https://ppcappstore.wordpress.com/ The coder of this simple but effective app posted here on the site, so I am happy to share a link. The app is apparently built in RealBasic (like my own SimpleMarkPPC) and handily categorizes and links to a variety of useful software. The app is not going to be the most stylish one in the world, but it is effective and well-organized. I did notice a link or two pointing to Macintosh Garden, which might be something to frown up if you are a deeply ethical-minded person. Granted, this is the state of software for us PowerPC folks, so I'm not too concerned. But something to note. Keep an eye on his website for updates or to post suggestions. PPCStore - http://www.leopardrebirth.net/ Folded in as a part of LeopardRe

IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power 9.0-5 released!

(powerlinux - blog - 09.02.2017, 18:36) A new update release for the 9.0 series of the IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power is now available. This release provides some package updates, including: GCC provides a fix for the vector swap optimization. Oprofile provides support for the POWER...

The Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power source code is now on GitHub!

(powerlinux - blog - 06.02.2017, 12:06) The Advance Toolchain build scripts are available at GitHub: https://github.com/advancetoolchain/advance-toolchain It's open source under Apache 2.0 license, we accept contributions using the Developer's Certificate of Origin 1.1 process. Please...

An experiment: introducing the PopOutPlayer (plus: microbenchmarking PowerPC SPRs)

(TenFourFox Development - 05.02.2017, 04:36) TenFourFox 45.8 is coming along -- Operation Short Change (my initiative to rework IonMonkey to properly emit single branch instructions instead of entire branch stanzas when the target is guaranteed to be in range) is smoothing out the browser quite a bit but there are hundreds of places that need to be changed. I've finished the macroassembler and the regular expression engine (and improved both of them in a couple other minor ways), and now I'm working on the Ion code generator. This mostly benefits systems that cannot fit generated code into cache, so while the Quad G5 with its (comparatively large) 1MB per core has only improved somewhere on the order of about 5%, I expect more on low-end systems because hot code is now more likely to stay in the i-cache. I am also planning to put user agent support in 45.8, and there are a few other custodial improvements. The idea is to release that to beta testing around Valentine's Day so I don't have to buy you lot any flowers. A long while back I mentioned a couple

All things must come to an end

(viva PowerPC blog - 30.01.2017, 13:38) And so does my more-than-year-long PowerPC hiatus. Last week I sold the HP 7300 desktop (Core-i5 based), I bought back in September 2015 to be my main desktop in the new flat (to which we moved after the birth of our son) and put the PowerMac G5 where it's supposed to be - on my desk. Last thing I did on my G5 (February 2016), was replacing faulty Radeon 9800 Pro, which died after six years of duty, being reflashed from PC version and overclocked in January 2010. My current graphics is a Radeon 9650, which is probably not as fast in 3D as the previous one, but has passive cooling only and is in fact a Mac edition, so there is no need for additional powering as before. The G5 still works like a charm, now I have a lot work to do. I haven't processed my digital photos since December 2015, as I never found it to be exactly a pleasure on the PC. That will take me more than a couple of days. Aside from this, there is some stuff that needs to be done: I want to upgrade RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB. Not that 4 GB is not

Pimp My Quicksilver: Graphics Card Teaser

(Power of PowerPC - 28.01.2017, 02:17) Look at those 2 large gorgeous 1920x1080 27" HP Monitors hooked up to my nVidia GeForce 7800GS card on my G4 Quicksilver still running Debian Jessie. Posts on graphics card upgrade and migration to SSDs coming soon...

Deep Learning with TensorFlow on Power

(powerlinux - blog - 27.01.2017, 20:32) Watson, Siri, the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have inspired worldwide interest in deep learning and the promise it holds for artificial intelligence (AI) development. But today, deploying this technology can be costly and time-consuming, often requiring...

Happy New Year!

(G5 Center - 23.01.2017, 04:27) Another year, another year of service out of my G5. 2017 for me promises to be a weird year - of resistance, change, renewal, and growth. I plan to get back to school with some graduate studies. I plan to write and read more. I plant to program a tad more. I plan to try some new things. On the G5 front, I really appreciate all the emails that come my way, and I hope my meandering responses are helpful. I'll be combing through those emails and offering up a new Troubleshooting page to the site, with tips and suggestions when your G5 goes horribly wrong. Let's face it - these old Macs won't last forever. Second, I am hoping to dive back into some programming in XCode and work on a thing or two. New software for our PPC G5s is essentially non-existent or rare. We have TenFourFox, maybe Leopard-Webkit, SimpleMarkPPC (shameless plug), and some themes (like LeopardRebirth). Can we encourage new versions of software or new software products for our aging hardware? I think it's a worthy goal. Stay tuned. I'd love

45.7.0 available for realsies

(TenFourFox Development - 21.01.2017, 06:05) Let's try that again. TenFourFox 45.7.0 is now available for testing ... again (same download location, same release notes, new hashes), and as before, will go live late Monday evening if I haven't been flooded out of my house by the torrential rains we've been getting in currently-not-so-Sunny So Cal. You may wish to verify you got the correct version by manually checking the hash on the off-chance the mirrors are serving the old binaries.

45.7.0 available (also: Talos fails)

(TenFourFox Development - 18.01.2017, 07:40) TenFourFox 45.7.0 is now available for testing. In addition to reducing the layout paint delay I also did some tweaks to garbage collection by removing some code that isn't relevant to us, including some profile accounting work we don't need to bother computing. If there is a request to reinstate this code in a non-debug build we can talk about a specific profiling build down the road, probably after exiting source parity. As usual the build finalizes Monday evening Pacific time. I didn't notice that the release had been pushed forward another week, to January 24. If additional security patches land, there will be a respin. There will be a respin this weekend. The download links have been invalidated and cancelled.For 45.8 I plan to start work on the built-in user-agent switcher, and I'm also looking into a new initiative I'm calling "Operation Short Change" to wring even more performance out of IonPower. Currently, the JavaScript JIT's platform-agnostic section generates simplistic unoptimized generic branch

Macintosh Repository – A Great “New” Mac OS Archive

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 11.01.2017, 18:44) I love serendipity. Today I was searching for a copy of Power Windows, a great Mac OS system control panel that provides a number of goodies such as full window dragging, translucent menus and more. Much to my surprise, the first entry that showed up in my Google search results was a file in a […]

Not dead, didn't perish in an airline crash over the Pacific

(TenFourFox Development - 11.01.2017, 05:57) Yes, I'm alive, and yes, I'm back at Floodgap orbiting headquarters. Meanwhile, candidate builds for TenFourFox 45.7 are scheduled for this weekend. Since no one has voiced any problems, the change to nglayout.initialpaint.delay mentioned in the prior post (to 100ms) will take effect. If this caused adverse issues for you, speak now, or forever hold your peace right up until you post frantic bug reports.

2016 in review

(System Folder - 09.01.2017, 20:11) Overall I’m glad to be leaving 2016 behind, as it wasn’t a particularly great year. However, as far as vintage computing goes, I can’t complain at all. I was able to bring both of my old iPods back to life by updating their storage with Compact Flash cards (8 GB for the iPod mini, 16 GB for […]

IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power 10.0-2 released!

(powerlinux - blog - 06.01.2017, 18:47) A new update release for the 10.0 series of the IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power is now available. This is a maintenance release and contains a series of updates: GCC provides: Shrink-wrapping optimizations. Fix PowerPC 64-bit little endian fusion...

PowerAI: Looking back on a year of Deep Learning innovation - and into the future

(powerlinux - blog - 05.01.2017, 22:35) It’s been an exciting year, and one that I’ll be looking back on with much satisfaction for many years to come. In the space of a year, we’ve created PowerAI, converting Deep Learning from a promise into a technology that’s ready to...

BitTorrent for Mac OS 9 (!?!)

(PPC Luddite - 28.12.2016, 22:24) The Macintosh Garden forums had a bit of a Christmas surprise this year with news of a new BitTorrent client called MacTorrent. Not just any BitTorrent client, but one that runs on Mac OS 8-9.2.2 (a separate OS X version runs on 10.3-10.6.8). Somebody should tell these developers that the Classic Mac OS (the real Mac OS) already had its funeral and there's no reason to write useful and awesome applications for it. After all, the only reason Mac OS 9 isn't quite useful and awesome enough to run as an everyday system these days is a lack of useful and awesome modern applications. Or something like that.In my limited testing so far, MacTorrent seems to work. It's bare at this early stage, but the developers are working on adding features such as magnet links in the future. Be part of the testing and give it a download. Download the .sit file labeled "Classic" for the Mac OS 8-9 version, and the .zip file labeled "PPC-OSX" for the OS X version.If someone wrote an h.264 decoder for Youtube streaming on OS 9

Expanding choices for PowerAI developers

(powerlinux - blog - 20.12.2016, 05:53) We just published an update to our popular Power AI distribution ! This updated release contains several new features and improvements to existing Deep Learning frameworks optimized for Power servers. Similar to previous releases of PowerAI...

When You Feel Bored, Read Apple Documentation About Your G5

(G5 Center - 20.12.2016, 04:38) Like many of you, when I get a new computer, I typically toss the documentation back into the box, no matter how compelling it looks. I've met people who read it front to back, and sometimes, there is helpful information therein. But I'm reckless and prefer to dive right in, figuring things out on my own. On cold nights though, it can be fun to dive back in to the technical information available to you with a cursory search in Apple's support section of their website. To get started, go here: https://support.apple.com/manuals/powermac I decided to dig back in case I had missed something before per the oddities that happen between our G5s and certain Solid State Drives (SSD). Was there a particular feature to the Serial-ATA implementation that could be a clue? Was there something special about either drive bay? Here are the three documents I picked through: Power Mac G5 (Late 2005) - Tech Brief Power Mac G5 User Guide GeForce 7800GT Graphics I'm not saying this stuff is riveting reading, but it mig

Where to Find PowerPC Community

(G5 Center - 16.12.2016, 04:10) A loyal reader asked me a good question - where do you go to find a discussion forum for other PowerPC users? The actual question included a subtle suggestion that I open up some kind of forum or give a way for more ongoing discussion here on the site. I love that idea, but my history with web forums, especially on small sites like mine, is that they get stale and stagnant. No need to create competition among our limited community, and I really don't like the security issues that come with hosting forums. Spam is a major issue. First, you are always welcome to hijack any post thread I have with a specific question or something to share, even if it is off-topic. Go for it. I appreciate that a number of people email me, and I do apologize if I don't get back right away or miss your email. Feel free to send again. I won't take offense. I have a full-time (plus) calling, and my schedule tends to be unpredictable. Second, here are some suggestions if you want to discuss your machines, trade war stories, offer l

45.6.0 final available

(TenFourFox Development - 11.12.2016, 06:26) TenFourFox 45.6.0 final is available (downloads, hashes, release notes), with everything in the release notes including the crash fix for 45.5.1 and that layout performance patch Mozilla added as part of another fix. Please test on your systems, with the expectation it will go live late Monday Pacific time as usual. 45.7 will not have substantial changes and I don't anticipate doing a beta. However, one change I do intend to make is to mirror Mozilla's work on updating default settings, starting with layout paint delay. The rationale for delaying layout painting specifically was to wait for sufficient data to come through rather than guessing an incorrect layout with incomplete data that then has to be invalidated: without the delay, although the screen would be busier, the browser often would end up taking more total wall-clock time on wasted work. Now that data arrives faster on most people's systems today than in the days of dialup and low-speed DSL, it's time for these older settings from another age to b

The Power Mac G3 All-In-One (Molar Mac)

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 06.12.2016, 08:27) One of the rarer Macintosh models these days is the Power Macintosh G3 All-In-One (AIO). Challenged in the beauty department, the G3 AIO is an odd looking duck, whose overall shape, when viewed head on, is not dissimilar to a human tooth, leading to its “popular” moniker of “the Molar Mac”. These machines ARE fairly […]

SC16: When Julia met PowerAI

(powerlinux - blog - 06.12.2016, 05:35) Supercomputing 16 had so many exciting announcements and events around AI and Deep Learning on Power, it was hard to not miss some of the highlights. As I previously shared , SC16 started with the launch of PowerAI on Monday morning. PowerAI...

45.6.0b1 available, plus sampling processes for fun and profit

(TenFourFox Development - 04.12.2016, 00:17) Test builds for TenFourFox 45.6.0 are available (downloads, hashes, release notes). The release notes indicate the definitive crash fix in Mozilla bug 1321357 (i.e., the definitive fix for the issue mitigated in 45.5.1) is in this build; it is not, but it will be in the final release candidate. 45.6.0 includes the removal of HiDPI support, which also allowed some graphical optimizations the iMac G4 particularly improved with, the expansion of the JavaScript JIT non-volatile general purpose register file, an image-heavy scrolling optimization too late for the 45ESR cut that I pulled down, the removal of telemetry from user-facing chrome JS and various minor fixes to the file requester code. An additional performance improvement will be landed in 45ESR by Mozilla as a needed prerequisite for another fix; that will also appear in the final release. Look for the release candidate next week sometime with release to the public late December 12 as usual, but for now, please test the new improvements so far. There is

45.5.1 available, and 32-bit Intel Macs go Tier-3

(TenFourFox Development - 01.12.2016, 20:24) Test builds for 45.5.1, with the single change being the safety fix for the Firefox 0-day in bug 1321066 (CVE-2016-9079), are now available. Release notes and hashes to follow when I'm back from my business trip late tonight. I will probably go live on this around the same time, so please test as soon as you can. In other news, the announcement below was inevitable after Mozilla dropped support for 10.6 through 10.8, but for the record (from BDS): As of Firefox 53, we are intending to switch Firefox on mac from a universal x86/x86-64 build to a single-architecture x86-64 build. To simplify the build system and enable other optimizations, we are planning on removing support for universal mac build from the Mozilla build system. The Mozilla build and test infrastructure will only be testing the x86-64 codepaths on mac. However, we are willing to keep the x86 build configuration supported as a community-supported (tier 3) build configuration, if there is somebody willing to step forward and volunteer as the main

Those Finicky SSDs

(G5 Center - 22.11.2016, 04:18) In more news along the solid state drive front, I got a fascinating conundrum from a loyal reader about issues with what we first wondered to be a failing motherboard or overheating. After installing a new SSD and using it as the main drive, he reported beachballs and crashes after waking from sleep, forcing a shutdown. Sometimes, the G5 worked like a charm. Sometimes, everything ground to a halt. It didn't seem to have any rhyme or reason, kind of a random thing, which makes it difficult to track down. I typed out my standard line of troubleshooting, starting with what changed. Did you install RAM recently? Put in a new hard drive? Install a new video card? Fiddle with something that you shouldn't have? Then, go down the checklist of cleaning out the case, testing temperatures, double checking cables, switching RAM in and out, and so on until you figure it out. And if all of that fails, then flailing your arms in frustration because it might or might not be your motherboard. But good news - the reader rei

Current state of Linux on PowerPC

(PowerPC Liberation - 20.11.2016, 09:14) I am sure most you have heard that Debian has dropped PowerPC as a release architecture.  If anyone is interested in the reading the meeting notes where it was discussed it can be found here. Basically it came down to lack of support. According to the Debian team there were no porters for PowerPC to maintain it as a release architecture. There is also the issue of outstanding bugs. An example

IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power 9.0-4 released!

(powerlinux - blog - 17.11.2016, 13:51) A new update release for the 9.0 series of the IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power is now available. This version provides many package updates including: GCC provides: Fix for eigen hitting ICE following invalid register assignment . Fix for...

The second-best browser for PPC Macs

(System Folder - 16.11.2016, 18:22) Every time someone with a vintage G3/G4/G5 PowerPC Mac asks me what browser would be my preferred choice for such systems, I always suggests TenFourFox, because it’s stable, secure, and actively maintained. However, you may have a Mac that barely meets — or doesn’t meet at all — TenFourFox’s minimum system requirements: TenFourFox requires a […]

SimpleMarkPPC updated to Version 1.2

(G5 Center - 14.11.2016, 02:04) Introducing SimpleMarkPPC Version 1.2 After some delay, I am tickled to release the newest version of SimpleMarkPPC. While the basic functionality remains the same, the app is greatly improved and a bit more configurable. Your preferences with font size, font type, and autosave features are now saved and restored. Autosave is indeed optional - if you like it, turn it on and adjust a little slider to control how quickly it kicks in. Or save manually, which might work better if you are conserving battery or prefer to get a preview of your work at your own pace. I cleaned up a few other little bugs, though I'm sure something is going to crop up. I'd appreciate your feedback in the comments below. You can grab it here. -- Nathan


(G5 Center - 30.10.2016, 02:58) While G5Center has slowed down a bit, my offline life continues to keep me overwhelmed. Have no fear though - more posts and updates are coming, including a long awaited next release for SimpleMarkPPC. I've been having fun with tigerbrew lately. It was really helpful to begin messing around with multimarkdown, which is the core of SimpleMarkPPC, but I'm continuing to have fun with some of the other command line utilities that work great on our Macs. Check it out for yourself. Tigerbrew even gives us a simple option to web browse from within Terminal.app. The downside is that browsers like elinks are text only, but if TenFourFox runs slow on your ancient PowerPC machine, you might find it a quicker way to get to certain websites. See the screenshot below. Once you install tigerbrew, all you need to do is type 'brew install elinks' to test it out for yourself. -- Nathan


(PowerPC Liberation - 18.10.2016, 04:24) Just a quick note to let you all know we're still alive.  Content will come as time allows. Though we are a team of writers, each of us is also our own satellite - since we each have our own orbits in life.  The point is that we write when time allows, which means that when we do post something, you know we mean it.

It's Christmas in October: New PPC Media Center, Plus Pianobar, TSclientX, and SetEXIFDATA

(PPC Luddite - 08.10.2016, 11:06) As macOS Sierra is busy underwhelming the computer world, you'll be happy to hear there's still software being spun for good operating systems like Tiger and Leopard. I've gotten a few emails pointing to a few new titles, so I wanted to pass the word on.First, there's an update to PPC Media Center, our favorite GUI frontend for youtube-dl. This brings it to version 6.5 (and requires 6.0 already installed) and includes many Theatre Mode improvements. Here's the download.Next, Daniel Milisic tells me he has new versions of Pianobar and TSclientX for Tiger and Leopard PowerPC.His port of Pianobar is actually called PianoPPC and brings back the Pandora terminal client to Tiger and Leopard desktops. I've tested it myself and it works fabulously. Here are a few brief instructions:After unpacking the download, the application must be run only from the /Applications folder or it will not launch. Also, for automatic login with your Pandora email and password, create the text file ~/.config/pianobar/config and sa

An Inside Look at Apple's Skunkworks

(PPC Luddite - 23.09.2016, 22:00) I feel a little paranoid even posting this, especially after Tim Cook loaded all those Samsung phones with explosive devices like a ninja. A few weeks ago I came into contact (won't say the method or the medium) with an insider at Apple (won't say who) of some distinction (won't say their rank) who first dangled and then delivered pictures of the new 2016 Mac Mini. Ordinarily I'd be like, "Cool," but nothing to risk my neck over. The Mac Mini isn't the most exciting product ever, but this Mac Mini, my source said, is different. It's a revolutionary new Mac Mini, and one that would hint at changes to the entire Mac lineup. This is a paradigm shifter. It shows Apple's changing priorities and where Jony Ive & Co. intend to take the whole Mac product line in years to come. The old Mac Mini is no more. It's time for a new form factor, new internals, and even an assault on the very concept of internals.Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the 2016 Mac Mini:As you can see, it's minnier than ever. "H

Yellowing, Retr0bright and Sally Beauty Supply

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 07.09.2016, 15:27) Those of us who enjoy tinkering in the world of vintage Macs often have to deal with an unfortunate consequence of the passage of time that leads a Mac to be called “vintage” – the yellowing (and even browning) of part or all of the Mac’s case, monitor or keyboard/mouse. At times, this can be […]

G5Center Interviews Cameron Kaiser

(PPC Luddite - 20.08.2016, 04:06) Look who bumped into each other at Vintage Computer Festival West.Also, I've been using the new TenFourFox 45 beta. It's a smooth ride, like driving a vintage '38.

A Kickstarter for Your Attention

(PPC Luddite - 20.08.2016, 04:06) Friend of this blog and PPC Media Center creator Adam Albrec has a new Kickstarter out. Some of you may be aware he's a photographer in one of his various lives, and his Kickstarter is for five volumes (available individually or as a set) of his fine art nude photography in print. Here's the link:The V.E.P. Fine Art Nude Photo Collection by Adam AlbrecAs noted in the description, these will be hard-bound, high quality printed books available in full size or an economy-size option. In addition to the photos, there will also be written descriptions about Adam's camera systems and composition techniques, etc.So click on the link above and read! The Kickstarter lasts till Sept. 17. Fund it early and often!

Rarely Seen in the Wild, ColorSync 850AV Rides Again

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 12.08.2016, 18:59) I mentioned in an earlier post that I had acquired a very rare Apple AppleVision 850AV 21” monitor. Debuting in 1997, the 850AV was a high end, nearly 80 lb. bruiser of a display with a hefty $2,000 price point. The 850AV could be run at resolutions all the way up to 1600×1200 with a […]

Interview with Cameron Kaiser

(G5 Center - 12.08.2016, 05:44) I happened to be in the Bay area just as Cameron (of TenFour Firefox fame) announced his presence at the Vintage Computer Festival West. Why not stop by and get a few minutes with a guy that is a hero to us PowerPC users? Check the video below, which should be low enough in quality (360p) to be viewable on most of our machines. If you can't view it, let me know and I will generate a downloadable version too. If you can't get Youtube to work, download a MP4 version by clicking here. Thanks to Cameron for his work and taking a couple of minutes to chat. Cool stuff! -- Nathan

Getting Linux on an iLamp iMac with Nvidia Graphics

(PPC Luddite - 21.07.2016, 11:06) ILamp iMacs (G4s) are maybe the most notoriously difficult Macs to get a Linux desktop on, mostly because of the GeForce graphics they were afflicted with came with. Since I don't have one and haven't tried to put Linux on it myself, I haven't posted anything about it, but PPC Luddite reader Gary R. via email shared a very concise set of instructions on how to get Ubuntu running on his, so I thought I'd post it here.Here I quote Gary very liberally:This is how I got Ubuntu to work:Download Ubuntu 16.04 minimal install iso for ppc.Install system utilities and Ubuntu MateWhen finished, rebootAt yaboot type: Linux nomodeset singleWhen you reach root, type: visudoBelow: root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL type: username ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL (as per your instructions)Hit Control o, hit return, then exitnano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer.confcomment (#) nvidiafb, uncomment vesafbwrite, save, exitnano /etc/modules, add nvidiafbwrite, save, exitnano /etc/initramfs-tools/modules, add nvidiafbwrite, save, exitupdate-initr

Life Amidst the Boxes

(Quadras, Cubes and G5s - 06.07.2016, 18:52) Just a quick update. The Happy Macs lab (and us with it!) has finally successfully relocated to new quarters, and we are slowly digging through the mountains of boxes. Over the next several weeks, I hope to work through the lengthy process of unpacking and establishing my computer lab again. Right now, the Happy Macs […]

For the love of Mutt!

(PowerPC Liberation - 06.07.2016, 07:14) I have been trying to see how much I can get done just using the terminal. I have my Debian partition on my PowerBook G4 running Awesome. It is a very lightweight tiling window manager. It does take some practice getting use to but once you have it set up, navigating around is not hard. One tool that I have just come to love is the mutt email client. I have found very few lightwieght email

Added to the collection: accessories and materials

(System Folder - 18.06.2016, 22:00) With regard to acquisitions for my small collection, I can say that May was a really good month. After the very nice haul I talked about in my previous entry, I received a package from Morgan which contained a few items of interest: Macally 10BaseT/10Base2 Combo LC PDS Ethernet Adapter. After finally installing a similar […]

New PPC Media Center Version 6

(PPC Luddite - 07.06.2016, 11:11) It seems like just yesterday that I was bitching about Vevo videos on Youtube breaking my Greasemonkey downloaders, and Adam Albrec came to the rescue with PPC Media Center, a GUI frontend for youtube-dl written in all AppleScript. Now he's back with another update and we're all the way at version 6 now. Through that time, the app has evolved from a simple streamer and downloader to a full-featured package that's added multi-segment video support, MP3 creation, Universal binary support, etc., and now with version 6 adds even more to the festivities.New to this version (quoted from the Read Me):1. Now supports List (Youtube) / Album (Vimeo) Play & Download.2. AutoDownloading (Batch) - In the background; separate from Primary Play/Download/MP3-creation functions.3. Enhanced WebM-avoidance for PPC systems and only downloads as a last-resort - with a prompt (Intel Mac areunaffected).4. Dynamically check Python version, and can even work in Intel systems with system-Python problems.5. New Smart Installer, de

Twitter Mobile on TenFourFox

(PPC Luddite - 31.05.2016, 07:27) You may have noticed Twitter recently updated their mobile site when accessing it in TenFourFox. It used to look like this (old convo, don't know if anything came of it):And now it looks like this:The problem, as with most website "upgrades," is it's slow as molasses. Gone is the zippiness. Instead, we get a mobile site that's almost as slow as the regular site. So I boxed mobile.twitter.com with FoxBox to see if it helped, and I found something interesting. I get a paired down, much faster version of Twitter:Then I went back to TenFourFox and used User Agent Switcher to change the user agent to an iPhone 3 and found the same paired-down site. Interesting, so it's a user agent issue. The iPhone 3 solution isn't wholly satisfactory as it breaks some other sites, but after some trial and error, I found that the user agent for TenFourFox 37 gives me the same stripped-down, fast Twitter, so apparently Twitter Mobile only gives you the new layout if your user agent is TenFourFox 38 or higher.I wanted to cha

Added to the collection: Power Mac G4 and other accessories

(System Folder - 30.05.2016, 03:26) These past years, my vintage collection has expanded mostly thanks to generous — sometimes very generous — donors. These last additions, instead, came from a ‘rescue mission.’ It’s been a while since I did my last, and I had missed the fun. Thanks to a valuable tip from my brother-in-law, I learnt that a local design […]

Pimp My Quicksilver: Part VI: PCI FireWire

(Power of PowerPC - 25.05.2016, 04:09) A heads up: this post is going to be pretty boring as well, but probably even more so than the PCI USB one due to the fact that I do not currently have any Firewire devices to test with at the moment. Not even an older Firewire iPod. That should change in the future as I plan on purchasing and using external storage devices via Firewire. For now, it is just nice to know that I have the availability.I purchased a Sonnet Tempo from Amazon for $54.98. I wanted the card due to the fact that it has 2 Firewire 800 ports (and one 400).As before, I also used the lspci -v command in Debian to make sure the card showed up and was available and active. Sure enough we are good to go with the card using the firewire_ohci kernel driver.0001:10:13.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Texas Instruments TSB82AA2 IEEE-1394b Link Layer Controller (rev 01) (prog-if 10 [OHCI]) Subsystem: Device 0ee4:3884 Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 16, IRQ 53 Memory at 80083000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=2K] Memory at 800880

Looming on the horizon

(PowerPC Liberation - 23.05.2016, 20:35) This is likely at least 3-4 years away, but h.264 is on its way out, now that h.265 (HEVC) has been adopted by more and more people.  Just as XviD was dropped by most in 2012, the same fate is inevitable for h.264 within a few years. There are two key issues that keep h.265 off PowerPC: 1. Playback - there are currently no available playback applications capable of playing the h.265 codec